Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics are becoming increasingly more difficult and more complicated as vehicles evolve, here at 1Stop we can carry out a massive range of diagnostic work on your vehicle to get to the root of the problem whatever it may be.

Expert Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment 

With Vehicles becoming more and more about electrics and sensors to read everything that the engine and vehicle is doing as it drives, it has opened up a massive market for electrical problems from sensors to ECU signal issues and a massive variety of warning lights that can appear on your vehicle. 

We have invested a lot into getting the top of the range and most up to date diagnostic tools on the market, we can use the equipment on nearly any manufacturer and deep dive to see what the root cause of your vehicles problem is. This is so important as one light on your dashboard can be caused by numerous faults, with the proper diagnostic tool and knowledge you can save £100's on fitting parts that are not actually faulty and hopefully go directly to the faulty part. 

So if you are having any issues with your vehicle and warning lights are on your dashboard then call in and we will run a diagnostic health check and see what the fault is!

Our car diagnostics include

Engine Analysis
Battery and Electrical System Analysis
Scanning and ECU Reprogramming
Smoke Testing
Chassis and Body Systems