Air Conditioning

Is your car not blowing cold? Having to keep putting your windows down to cool down in the heat?

Air Conditioning Regas

We are able to Regas your air conditioning system for when the good weather finally arrives and you need that touch of cool air when driving your vehicle. A bit of quick information about air conditioning system is that is you find your aircon not working or not blowing any cool air out, it could just need the aircon system Regassed. Although we find at the garage a lot of the time that there is another cause, most of the time it is caused by a leak somewhere. 

Leaks can come from aircon pipes or the aircon condenser itself, it is mostly a sealed system so technically you shouldnt lose your aircon gas. If we suspect this is the case our machine can run a UV dye through your aircon system which then allows us to pin point leaks and fix them, rather than you paying for a full Regas only to have your new aircon gas leak out straight away. Nobody wants to pay twice!

So when the good weather comes and the heat finally gets here, give us a call and we will get your car blowing cold again in no time.