Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that our customers have asked, hopefully this helps you with any issues you may have. We hope to hear from you soon.

Our garage carries out a huge range of different mechanical and servicing work on a huge range of vehicles, from simple services to full transmission changes such as clutch and flywheel replacements. You could say no job to small no job to big. If you have any specific questions or concerns on whether we can carry out work on your vehicle just get in touch. 

We recommend getting in touch with us first as we can get extremely busy at times, although if you have an emergency or are in the area and need something checked or just have some questions then feel free to call in and see us. 

Yes of course, we have a full customer waiting area and refreshments available as well as reading material to keep you feed and entertained. As we now have an on site shop holding all the car cleaning and accessory products you could dream of, you will have plenty to have a look round as you wait. 

Got your own Question?

If you have a vehicle specific question, we offer online assistance across a huge variety of different issues. For example attempting a small job at home on your vehicle but not quite sure you are going about things the correct way? Simply click the link and enter your details and question, within 24hrs we will get back to you with a detailed description on how to correctly do the job. 

Depending on the job or question you have we can provide detailed diagrams and step by step instructions as well as tools you may need. This will certainly save you time and hopefully eliminate the risk of doing any damage to yourself or the vehicle. 

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