2020 was not the year we were expecting!


It has been a while since we last blogged about the business due to this year turning into to business nightmare to say the least. I don't want to dwell to much on it as there is for sure people ended up worse than us and businesses that closed that will never open again and that is an absolute shame in my book. We can only hope that those people can get through this year and rebuild in the future.  

So as crazy as this year has been for us as a business we have also been able to pull some postives out of it, we used a lot of our downtime to improve processes in the business and unlock doors to new customer bases from across the UK & Ireland which has been fantastic. 

So to keep this short and sweet as im sure everyone has enough on their plate, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at the 1 Stop Motor Shop. 

Lets hope 2021 can bring some light at the end of tunnel for everyone. 

1 Stop Motor Shop 

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