Working on a water leak.

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This week the boys had the fun job of working on a water leak in a beautiful BMW X5, Unfortunately the interior was covered in water which resulted in it having to be stripped apart.

Once we were able to get everything removed, we quickly found a split in the rear washer hose. This meant that every time the rear washer was being used the water wasn't making it to the washer jet resulting in the interior getting soaked.

Unfortunately, this isn't a great design from BMW as the washer hose crosses over from the driver's side to the passenger side before running up to the rear of the car, fortunately for us , BMW do produce a repair kit though which allows us to repair the fault without having to replace the whole hose pipe.

After we repaired this, we then had to ensure the car was completely dried out before being put back together again. The car is now away and fixed just in time for the sun arriving! 

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