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Trying to live up to the 1Stop Motor Shop name, we finally got our Tyre machines and full stock of tyres in!

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Trying to live up to the 1Stop Motor Shop name, we finally got our Tyre machines and full stock of tyres in!

So things have been really busy and going really well for the business in the past few months, so much so we have neglected the blog a little but we plan in the new year to have at least a monthly update on how things are going to keep everything interested up to date. 

That being said we always wanted to make the 1Stop motor shop exactly that, so we had been planning our next move for a couple of months and we knew we needed to be able to supply tyres to our customers. On a daily basis we were getting calls or our customers that were in the garage already asking about tyres, so even from a business perspective we knew we were missing out! 

Although we also knew that we needed to do it properly and not half-ass it and just buy any machine or brand of tyre, this was something we didn't know an awful lot about as we were all from a more mechanical background there was only one person in the garage that had real experience with tyre fitting. So we spent a lot of time researching tyre brands and speaking to different suppliers to find out as much as we can, we then finally settled on a brand called 'Z tyre' to stock but more on that in a bit.... 

We then turned to the people that supply us tools in hopes of getting a good deal on a tyre machine, this we did get and we were on course for the machine and balancer and tyres on the way for all the shelves we built. But as things always do when trying something new, disaster struck. We received our new tyre machine and balancer and got to trying to calibrate the balancer with no luck, contacted the manufacturer and their customer service was absolutely terrible. We won't name names because that.s not who we are but needless to say it was rubbish, so after a bit of back and forward we received a replacement balancer from them and guess what??? YEP, faulty as well. We could not believe it so we thought it has to be us, we contacted them again and finally got a 'technical' guy out in the hope he was going to call us idiots and that we were at fault. Its not very often you want someone to call you an idiot but we had our fingers crossed that was the case. 

It wasn't, the machine was faulty again and he couldn't fix it, so as this all was happening our tyres had arrived and customers were getting let down because we couldn't balance their wheels and from a business view we were losing loads of tyre sales. So we contacted the person we bought the tyres from in hope he might have a contact for a reliable Tyre machine and balancer, so Paul (we will give you his name) who is an absolute gentleman and if you are reading this Paul thanks again for all your help....so Paul put us in contact with another business that sold the machines locally and we contacted them and finally we saw what proper customer service was they sorted us out with the machine and balancer and came with them to set them up for us within 3 days! Thankfully everything was in full working order and they even came back in 3 days later to make sure everything was going well, I don't like to use company names in these for a few different reasons but Davy and Stephen if you are reading this your service is second to none and thank you again. 

A bit more about the 'Z Tyre' now and why we decided after everything out there to go with this as our main brand of tyre, well if you really want you can look at the their website to see what they are all about. But a brief overview of it is that these tyres are built to compete with all the premium brands such as Pirelli or Michelin but at a reasonable cost. The ratings on both fuel consumption and wet road handling on these tyres are the best we have ever seen and that includes premium tyres as well, and the most important thing is that the price to the customer is absolutely fantastic for the quality of tyre you are getting. We still cater for customers wanting really budget tyres or the high end premium brands but we feel that the 'Z Tyre' is so so hard to beat on all fronts. 

Now we are all set-up we are excited to see how this new move works out for us in the next couple of months and we are happy that we are one step closer to becoming the full 1Stop Motor Shop, we will update you all in the next as to wether it is working or not (fingers crossed it is). 

Again thanks for taking the time to read about our business and see you all soon! 

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